Lifetime Playmat RED

Official Trading Card Game Playmat size
580x300mm Thickness 2mm

Giffindex lifetime is produced with the same raw materials
and production processes as the world's #1 leading gaming brand. It is also the first playmat in the world that has rarity levels divided into Rare, SR, UR, with added beauty with various types of foil. according to rarity level Moreover, with the concept of lifetime playmat, every piece has a unique foil stamped running number. The number can be used to win special prizes in the card game product group for life.

Red Color : All Shop
Blue color : only at NX Gallery
Black color : only at WAKA Space
Yellow color : only at Captain Cards
Pink color : only pokemon tcg influencer event
Green color : All Shop outside Bangkok

world first playmat with rarity rate

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SR 1% (add silver foil on active area)
UR 0.5% (add golden foil on active area)
SAR 0.1% (add hologram on active area)