GIFFINDEX Nanosilver Mousepad Production Policy

Since many decades ago The scientific and medical circles know that Nano Silver has the ability to kill bacteria. which is suitable for specific use

But nowadays, when business competition is more intense People are starting to look for personal gains rather than environmental concerns and the negative effects on the planet.

For example, using silver nano for towels. or different types of fabric that need to be washed Because silver nano, when washed, will peel off from the fabric. When the washed water enters the water pipe and flows to the septic tank or into the soil, the silver nano will destroy the bacteria in the water.

This causes some bacteria that eat garbage or keep water from spoiling. When bacteria in the water are destroyed by silver nano The water then spoils and affects the soil and plants accordingly.

GIFFINDEX, the largest mouse pad manufacturer in Thailand since 1998, operates in accordance with the ESG policy to conserve the environment and control chemical emissions into the atmosphere. Foreseen that the introduction of Silver Nano was used with a mouse pad. It's very easy to do. and can create a selling point to kill bacteria But when compared to the environmental impact We therefore do not recommend using Mouse pad with nano silver For customers who want to use a mouse pad, desk pad or game board. mixed with nano silver Can contact and order production by GIFFINDEX will provide knowledge and understanding of use. cleaning and proper storage for all customers directly before selling every time.

Although the use of this type of fabric will be useful for Antimicrobial But not suitable for people with dry skin or skin lesions. Because nano silver is smaller than the pores, it may enter the body, although it is not harmful to the body, but will make the skin in the area turn gray or purple when pressed for a long time.

*Warning do not clean or iron if it is not a product from the specified brand. Because some manufacturers Some substances may be used in fabric fibers, such as nano-silver, which, when washed or subjected to high heat. Silver nanoparticles may peel off which when pouring wastewater containing nanosilver from washing into the soil It will affect plants and affect the environmental chain.

**Warning : To dispose of waste, unused Playmats or mouse pads. Garbage should be separated It's the same part of plastic waste to prevent scavengers from destroying mouse pads or playmats by burning them. Because it will react to hydrogen chloride gas that is harmful to health and harmful to the world.