Standard Official card game Playmat USA vs Japan

Standard Playmat for Pokémon Trading Card Game / Magic: The Gathering / Yu-Gi-Oh!

USA: Playmat Official USA size 23-24 inch X 13.5 inch thickness 0.06 inch

JAPAN: Playmat Official Japan size 58-60 cm X 30 cm thickness 1 mm production cost Both countries have the same production model. The front surface is cloth and the back material is rubber. By the way by GIFFINDEX is the first raw material manufacturer of mouse pads and pelmats in Thailand. The raw materials that we produce for customers all over the world will use a width of 120cm. There are both 100cm rolls and 120cm x 120cm square sheets. which is an international standard for the production of raw materials for use with tables Because of the plywood raw materials used to make the table. The size of each sheet is 240cm x 240cm. Therefore, the best size to produce a Playmat that is cost-effective and can be placed on the table beautifully without overflowing is a size 58 to 60cm x 30cm.

USA Using the inch measurement standard, actually from the ones mentioned above, the best Playmat size is 60cm x 30cm, but converting 60cm to inches would be 23.623inch, which can be confusing. So most brands in America When it comes to producing a product with a size of 60cm, 24inch is often labeled instead, although 24inch is 60.9. For this reason, cutting raw materials Therefore, it must be set to size 60.5cm for + plus - minus 5mm according to the material cutting standard. This makes the cost of American brands higher than Japan because they don't use metric units. Because when cutting the size 60.5cm, it will not cut the raw material properly. When dividing by 120cm x 120cm, only 4 pieces can be cut per sheet of raw material or if compared with roll material. Will produce less than 2 sheets of Japanese size every 3 meters approximately. On the American side, the width has to be increased. in order to use raw materials cost-effectively The least left to be discarded therefore resulting in size 60.5 x 35 cm which is the reason why American brand products cost more even though the material is the same. But in some models, the size is cut at 60cm as well, it says 23 7/8 inch, but the width is still larger than Japan.

JAPAN Using the metric measurement standard cm mm, the size can be clearly identified at 58cm x 30cm as mentioned in the above section. The Japanese production of this size, when the cutter is set, it is set at 58.5 cm for + plus - minus 5mm, which will be in the level of 58 - 59cm, and can cut the material 120 cm x 120 cm perfectly. This will allow Japan to be able to produce up to 8 Playmats with only 1 sheet of raw material, so the cost of the Japanese side is cheap. and more profitable In addition, the intelligence of Japan For choosing only 1mm thickness, imagine that a playmat that is 2 mm thick is like a sheet with 2 1 mm in size. Therefore, when Japan determines that 1 mm thick is the cheapest cost. But there are disadvantages in terms of softness. absorb the pressure of the wrist, etc. The benefit as a by-product is that when the Playmat is thinner, the rubber texture will be visible. from the side less until the air bubbles may not be visible which if it is a low grade rubber will have a lot of bubbles So Japan was able to cut costs in this respect with lower grade tires as well. While currently by GIFFINDEX's Elastic8 grade is the best rubber in the world that can be used to produce neoprene e8 only in Thailand, based on early 2022 when the innovation e8 was first used in Israel until By the middle of 2022, other companies All over the world began to continuously upgrade to e8.

Waterproof, dustproof and knitted edge stitching, both Playmat USA and Playmat Japan, which are official, are popular to choose fabrics that do not pass Coating resist liquid or not waterproof, dustproof, including not stitching the edges. For marketing reasons, when the disc starts to wear out From abrasion to abrasions or stains ingrained Users will have a reason to buy new discs. or even more new designs This includes the world's leading it brand of mouse pads as well. There will be only some models that are waterproof. especially dustproof

USA Began to sew edges and waterproof, dustproof more in 2022 from the fact that there are more competitors who use waterproof, dustproof and sew edge, such as from the way. Our by GIFFINDEX will introduce additional options to customers before production every time. that customers can sew edges and do Coating resist liquid and dust, as well as inform the advantages and disadvantages of sewing edges and not stitching edges waterproof and non-waterproof

JAPAN still the same standard that is less cost big profit is important And also popular to use Playmat in the original form, not stitching the edges, not waterproof, not dustproof due to Coating resist liquid and dust, for example from the factory. by GIFFINDEX will need to add up to 15 baht per piece approximately for the Official Playmat site.

Conclusion from the above content We conclude that If you are a world saver And focus on less emissions. Our recommended Playmat should be a Japan standard Playmat. Due to Japan's size, when cut, there will be much less scrap left for discarding. Including a slightly cheaper price, easy to access. And can be used with all Official Tournaments because Thailand card games are based on Japan rather than America. But if you are someone who likes Quality, high quality, you should choose America brand. That has been licensed from the Official because the American brand has licensed it. Usually it is UltraPro brand. Our GIFFINDEX factory is one of the factories that used the same raw material before. This guarantees that UltraPro uses quality raw materials. In addition, Ultrapro is molded over nylon to use technology to allow the logo to be placed on the rubber sheet. Although the cost of making logo molds is high. But American brands are willing to pay to build their own brands. Therefore, the quality of the raw materials is quite assured that they are of good quality as well. But brands that have a logo under the tire are mostly using 2 types of technology: 1. Molding through nylon and using special techniques to make which to do in this way The logo is embedded in the rubber texture, embossed, looks premium, but the disadvantage is that the adhesion is reduced compared to Normal pattern rubber sheet. 2. Destruction on the rubber by silkscreen. This will not affect the adhesion and cheaper than type 1. But the logo will not be embossed. It will be embedded into the same texture as the rubber itself. It can be seen that the production of the American side uses raw materials and processes that consume natural resources and require up to three times more combustion compared to conventional production methods. Also, the quality that comes out doesn't get better than what's lost.

Playmat USA and JAPAN, which one do you like more by by GIFFINDEX ? In our opinion, a suitable Playmat includes:
1. Size that meets competition standards and does not overflow the table edge, which should be 58 to 60cm x 30cm or equivalent to a Japan standard size. 2. Beautiful patterns that you like such as Pokémon designs or family designs or things that we love 3.Waterproof, dustproof, undeniable Helps to maintain a long service life. But if you have money, you can buy a new one without taking this seriously. 4. Do not sew the edges because of the card placement. near the edge will not stumble on the edge but must be exchanged Rim erosion or the fabric slips from the rubber around the rim when severe and frequent friction occurs. 5. Thickness, the thicker it is. The better the pressure on the wrist, the better. so the thicker More comfortable on the wrist. At this point, USA at 1.5mm thick is better than JAPAN which is only 1mm thick, but by GIFFINDEX will use 2 to 3mm in production to get the best performance.
In conclusion, if we had to choose USA and JAPAN, we would choose JAPAN for the first reason, which is that we want it to fit on the table. The table standard that is most used is 60 x 120cm, so if it's the USA that is 35cm wide, when 2 pieces are placed next to each other, it will get 70cm which is more than the standard table size, but if 2 sheets of JAPAN 30cm are placed, it will fit the standard tabletop. Which makes it look much more beautiful. It also contributes to reducing air pollution and global warming 3 times more than the USA because there is not a lot of waste material. Although the remainder may be used for other types of work. But the chances of using it are quite low. Most will be cut off.

How to Clean Playmat from giffindex, ultrapro, steelseries If your mouse pads, desk mats, and Playmats have stains, they can be cleaned by hand washing. with soapy water or laundry detergent (do not recommend using dishwashing liquid because it contains substances that can cause spots on the exposed skin) When washing your hands Can be dried as usual
(It is not recommended to use a clothes dryer. Refer to the reasons below in Ironing.)
To fix wrinkles Can use a hot iron to iron immediately (By ironing on the patterned top surface.)
Do not iron the rubber side. Recommended heat for ironing is 100 degrees to 120 degrees. Although the material can withstand temperatures above 200 degrees, if the temperature is higher than 200 degrees, the polymer rubber will change molecules and release toxic substances. hydrogen chloride gas and hydrogen sulfide which is a toxic gas that is dangerous to health

*Warning do not clean or iron if it is not a product from the specified brand. Because some manufacturers Some substances may be used in fabric fibers, such as nano-silver, which, when washed or subjected to high heat. Silver nanoparticles may peel off which when pouring wastewater containing nanosilver from washing into the soil It will affect plants and affect the environmental chain.

**Warning : To dispose of waste, unused Playmats or mouse pads. Garbage should be separated It's the same part of plastic waste to prevent scavengers from destroying mouse pads or playmats by burning them. Because it will react to hydrogen chloride gas that is harmful to health and harmful to the world.