The Best Trading Card Game Sleeves

The standard for game card sleeves that every brand must have.
such as Pokémon Trading Card Game / Magic: The Gathering / Yu-Gi-Oh!

Standard card envelopes for each card game, whether Pokemon Trading Card Games, Magic The Gathering, Vanguard, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, Shadowverse, Union Arena. Every game has the same card sleeve requirements:

1. Durability
2. Shuffle feel
3. Size
4. Clarity
5. Price
6. Warranty


A good card case must have a high degree of durability. Not easily broken when shuffling Because in tournaments, shuffling decks are often exchanged with opponents. It's impossible for everyone to shuffle the cards like us. Sometimes, some competitors shuffle their cards so violently that their envelopes break and the cards inside become flawed. Therefore, durability is the most important issue when purchasing a card sleeves. What will make the card sleeve durable? There's only one thing. Because the production of card sleeves is not complicated. Start by blowing plastic granules according to the desired type of envelope such as PVC, OPP, PP, CPP or Matalize Foil material. Then bring it to the process of cutting the roll to get the desired size and compatible with the printer. When printing the desired color and importing the arrow cutter In this cutting process will determine durability. If you want a card sleeve that is smooth Manufacturers can choose between Stretch the film taut before cutting. The result is a pretty smooth envelope. but is easily broken Or stretch the film to slack before cutting. The result is that the envelope will sag. But it's hard to be broken. like a balloon with the same size Balloons blown to the limit Will inflate beautifully, but break easily At the same time, if the same balloon is blown down A wrinkled balloon doesn't look pretty, but it's harder to break. Therefore, a good card case should have a little slack and allow yourself to be. Durability Test Method To exert a lateral force on the sealing marks. left and right simultaneously A good envelope must not break easily and have plastic that stretches out a bit. You will notice that on the Youtube channel there are foreigners Reviewing card envelopes by pull from The front and back are not the seal area, which is only a play for fooling children. Because in shuffling, the area where the cards rub and use to cut the cards will be inserted from the side. accurate durability test Therefore, it must be pulled from the seal mark only.

Shuffle feel

Smooth and fluid shuffling is another important factor that prompts card game players to find a sleeve. which will make shuffling smoothly The envelope must have an Emboss embossed pattern on the surface of the envelope on either side. so that the envelope is slightly rough likened to When you withdraw a stack of cash from the bank, if the stack of money is all new bills. Counting them one by one is difficult, whereas if the stack of money is all old banknotes. thick and wrinkled It will make counting money more accurate and easy. Therefore, card sleeves with patterned prints on large, elegant backgrounds will not shuffle the cards very well. because the pattern cannot be stamped onto the surface Otherwise, the printed image, the color touched on the plastic film will not be detailed, making the image not beautiful. Therefore, the official card case of most card games, such as Pokemon trading card games. Magic the Gathering, Vanguard, Union Arena, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, all without embossing or etching. Users have to choose between beautiful patterns or smooth chopping. As a result, there are many brands that produce clear envelopes with a rough surface for sale separately. to cover another layer of patterned card sleeves in order to see the pattern and shuffle more smoothly It also provides another level of protection for cards and envelopes.


each game card although most of them are similar in size. Until it is called the same size as Standard size, although in reality, although Pokemon, MTG, or Thai Summoner master cards are similar in size. but slightly different, about 1 millimeter with this difference This includes different card thicknesses. When shuffling, the card has a slight chance of moving from its innermost position. because it is the narrowest area Causing the card to have a chance to slip out of the envelope to appear a little without noticing And from this point, if the flap has too little gap left This is why the top edge of the card is often the most flawed spot on the card. Therefore, choose a card envelope with at least 1.5 - 3 millimeters of space between the opening of the envelope and the card body.


Plastic film on the front of most envelopes is often used as a transparent PVC, OPP, PP, CPP finish. The standard manufacturers must check the Transmission Meter value for every package in order for the film to achieve high transparency. But still protects against UV at a reasonable level. and choose to use the right plastic film for the job And users have to learn about materials as well, such as highly durable PVC. but not environmentally friendly and can shrink when heated There is a chance that the envelope will shrink to tighten the card if stored improperly. The OPP envelope has the highest transparency. but in exchange for the harsh frame of the film And when in contact with the material, it will be attached to the material most of the time. Sometimes when touching the surface of the card Will cause moisture stains to absorb to the card and the front envelope. which is something that has to be exchanged for the transparency that can be obtained. In terms of PP, CPP is most commonly used because of its high flexibility. But in general, the film texture is more opaque than OPP, unless manufacturers with high experience and expertise have techniques to make the film clearer.


Brands of game card sleeves around the world that have been sold for more than 30 years, such as UltraPro or a new generation brand like UltimateGuard , DragonShield , GameGenic , including Official , such as Pokemon International and others , most of them do not produce their own card sleeves . Will produce by myself only packaging and use factories in China Most of which are the same factory in production. From factories participating in the K Plastic Trade Fair held almost every year in Germany. Which the Chinese factory that produces card sleeves will bring the products of well-known brands that produce card sleeves at their factory to offer to find new customers. Therefore, the price of most branded card sleeves in the market and the quality are similar. because they come from the same factory Therefore, there must be a price added to the cost of transporting goods back and forth from China to the own country in order to pack the goods into packaging. Causing most of them to set a very high price, on average 100 packets per 300-400 baht Different from the factory that produces itself such as GIFFINDEX Thailand with a production capacity of up to 300,000 packs per 1 hour or 100,000,000 packs per 1 month. and use plastic resin raw materials and plastic pellets from Thailand, such as SCG Thailand and others, to be blown into film itself. As a result, our costs are cheaper than others and we can control the quality in every step of the way. Therefore, it is a good result for Thai card game players to choose to buy card cases that are cheap and of high quality. On average, 100 packs per 150 - 250 or almost 50% cheaper than other brands.


In this world, since the inception of the game card for more than 40 years, there has never been a brand of card sleeves that Lifetime warranty because although the envelope is cheap But the chance of breaking from shuffling is high. Plus, most brands don't produce them themselves. So no one dares to guarantee Unlike GIFFINDEX Thailand, which produces itself every step of the way and has products that support more than 100,000,000 guarantees per month, it is the world's first card holder brand that guarantees for life. conditionally Guaranteed only in case of envelopes damaged due to shuffling of cards during competitions within NX Gallery competitions or official events that are broadcast live throughout the competition only. to prevent accidental destruction And our judgment is final.

Considering the importance of card sleeves in each of them, You will find that the best brand of card sleeves today is the card sleeve from GIFFINDEX. Smooth shuffling The price is cheaper than in the market. Sides available in all sizes. and lifetime warranty

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