Q: I have an issue with my smart desk, who do I need to contact?
A: If you purchased your chair directly through our website, please contact [email protected]. If you purchased your smart desk through a Reseller, please contact them directly.

Q: Do you ship to Worldwide?
A: At this time, GIFFINDEX is only able to ship within Bangkok , Shanghai , CA. Please check out our Global Resellers for other shipping options.

Q: The Smart Desk I want is out of stock, how do I find out when it will be coming back in stock?
A: We post restocks on our Facebook and Twitter

Q: What makes GIFFINDEX different from ordinary desk?
A: At GIFFINDEX, we take great pride in the quality of every product we make. We design our smart desk with ergonomics in mind. The result: Extreme comfort for healthy gaming and working.

Q: Is there a way to order a smart desk that is currently out of stock?
A: At this time, GIFFINDEX does not have the capacity to take any orders for smart desk that are not currently in stock.

Q: Who do I need to talk to about getting Sponsored by GIFFINDEX?
A: For all Sponsorship inquiries please send an email to [email protected] with the important links for your community.

Q: How much does Shipping cost?
A: The shipping from GIFFINDEX is free in Bangkok area. We delivery by our employees directly.

Q: How do I decide what smart desk would be best for me?
A: GIFFINDEX smart desk have three series
M-Series for standard user who not need to plug-in electric and use manual controller to move up-down
E-Series for user who can plug-in electric and use touch controller to move up-down
K-Series for user who can plug-in electric and use touch controller to move up-down and faster move with long range.

Q: Where can I go to test smart desk?
A: Check out the Showrooms on our website for information on where to try out smart desk.

Q: How to assembly?
A: Download Installation Guide Click here

Q: What is GIFFINDEX’s Warranty Policy?
A: GIFFINDEX smart desk does offer one year warranty on the smart desk motor (not including wood desktop panel).