GIFFINDEX LIFE TIME Sleeves NX Grand Tournament Edition

GIFFINDEX Thailand, the world's leading plastic manufacturer It has been associated with the card game industry for a long time throughout the game. Pokemon Trading Card Games, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering since the beginning So we understand exactly what card game players want in a card case, namely the durability of the card case. Does not break easily while shuffling cards and smooth shuffling. To make the card sleeve have these features Must have a true understanding of the production process. That makes GIFFINDEX the best place to produce. We are the number 1 manufacturer of packaging and inmold label film in Asia as confirmed by Caltex Chevron. In addition, the GIFFINDEX Life Time card sleeves has a film blasting process. CORONA TREATMENT to add or remove static electricity from the film surface. Make shuffling smooth to the max level.
GIFFINDEX is the world's first sleeves with a life time warranty.

Size : Standard Pokémon TCG Sleeves
Front : Crystal clear material PVC-Free and No-Acid
Material : PP, CPP, Foil, Metalize
Surface : Eliminate static electricity

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Only at NX Grand Tournament

GIFFINDEX is Thailand's Largest Trading Card Game Sleeves Factory since 1998.
With more than 30 years of experience in producing packaging envelopes and labels, producing card sleeves is very easy for us.
Every production process is carried out under the ESG policy UltraSonic instead of glue for environmental friendly every step.
And the first in the world to control CoronaTreatment remove static electricity from the card sleeve for best shuffle feel.
GIFFINDEX® is trusted by world-class brands such as Pokémon, BANDAI, KADOKAWA, RiotGames, SEGA, Bushiroad, Shogakukan.

GIFFINDEX has been playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon Trading Card Game for over 30 years.
Deep understanding of what card game players want. And pay attention to control the quality of the production of game card accessories.
GIFFINDEX manufacturer ready to listen to the opinions of users in order to continually improve the quality.

66x91mm and 66x92mm are suitable for Pokemon TCG, Magic The Gathering, Union Arena and ONEPIECE card games.

67x93mm fits Summoner Master and Shadowverse Evole game cards.

On the side of the box is the production date and the appropriate game name.
Choose the size of the card sleeve to match the game card you want to wear. Although the world uses the term Standard Size for similar sizes.
but in reality Size of each game card There are a few differences such as Pokémon Trading Card Game and Summoner Master.

GIFFINDEX (Thailand) is a leading manufacturer of trading card game sleeves . and printing on all kinds of plastic materials With all types of colors, including fluorescent colors, reflective colors, foils, etc. And is the first in Thailand to produce products with Inmould Label technology Heat Transfer and Water transfer deeply. We have a clear goal of improving quality. With research of modern technology and imported the best machines in production to provide customers with the highest quality, fast and affordable products. At present, we are confident quality and price are the best in Thailand.
PVC Free , No-Acid environmentally friendly.
The World First Trading Card Game sleeves brands with Lifetime warranty.
CORONA Treatment surface and high result of lightfast density color.